Who you gonna call? Bob Hoover

Legendary pilot Bob Hoover lent his knowledge to a P-51 Mustang pilot who was experiencing some trouble with the airplane’s landing gear.

According to Flying Magazine:

… the left landing gear was stuck in the wheel well and all normal emergency procedures failed to free it.

After making several calls, [Cavanaugh Flight Museum Director Doug] Jeanes phoned venerated P-51 pilot Bob Hoover to see if he could offer any advice.

Hoover suggested the pilot put the airplane through some high-G manoeuvres to free the stuck gear. The manoeuvres worked and the pilot was able to land safely at Mobile Downtown Airport.

In case you’re not familiar with Hoover’s previous exploits, here’s a video to give you an idea why if you find yourself in trouble in the air, you want Hoover on the line:

Bob Hoover – Legend of Aviation

[via The Aviation Daily News]