Video of a water bomber crashing in the lake in BC

British Columbia is experiencing its share of forest fires this summer which are blamed, in part, on the torrid temperatures the province has experienced.

As always, fire fighters are working diligently to put out the blaze with machinery on the ground and in the air. A few days ago, a water bomber crashed into Lake Okanagan while attempting to land and refill its water tanks. Here’s a (poor quality) video of the crash:


The pilot was able to extricate himself and survived the crash. The airplane was an Airtractor Amphibious plane like the one pictured below:

Airtractor Amphibious airplane in flight

Here is an image from the site of the accident:

Airtractor airplane sinking with rescue boat near it

All in all it was a lucky day for the pilot and it could have ended much worse. Speculators on the cause of the accident point to the landing gear being down when the airplane touched the water.

[All media via AvCanada forum]