Next on Mayday: MS Flight Sim disappears?

It seems the economic crunch is having an effect on the Flight Simulator business too. David from Land and Hold Short and Jon from FlightBlogger are reporting that Microsoft has disbanded the team in charge of developing its Flight Simulator Series.

Collage of Microsoft Flight Simulator boxes

Collage of Microsoft Flight Simulator boxes

Although this news is unconfirmed, Gamasutra speaks of corroborating reports through “Twitter messages from collaborators of the Flight Simulator workers.”

This comes as a huge blow to the Flight Sim community since the game is played and loved by people the world over. There are entire businesses dedicated to developing new aircraft models and other software for the game. Not to mention the volunteer community who has created Terrabytes of addons for the series.

I very much hope this is not the end of Flight Sim. It is too quick a death and too many people will mourn it.