2010 Canadian Aviation Expo recap

The 2010 Canadian Aviation Expo took place during the weekend of May 1st to 2nd. I had the chance to attend again this year but I wasn’t as impressed with it as I was last year.

The usual suspects were all there:

  • Cessna with its Caravan, 172 and Citation Mustang
  • Diamond with its DA40, DA42 and D-JET
  • Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum with all of its heritage CAF airplanes

Attendance was much smaller than last year with only a few airplanes parked outside of the museum. As well, there were not many people walking around taking in the exhibits.

The one participant that grabbed my attention was Air Safaris International which organize flying trips around Australia and more recently introduced a tour of Eastern Canada. The tours look like a great adventure and someone has actually made a movie about taking part in one of them. It’s definitely something I’d like to try when I get some time and some money. Check them out at http://www.airsafarisint.com/.

Does anyone know if there is something similar to these tours somewhere closer?

Here are some pictures I took at the aviation expo. Enjoy!